2002, Saturday 23rd February, London

The first Savoy Ball

When he first saw The Grand Hall back in the mid-1990s, Savoy Ball founder Martin Ellis knew he just had to run an event in this remarkable venue - it took almost a decade before that dream came true with the first ever Savoy Ball...

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The Savoy Ball 2002 - flyer and ticket

"The first Savoy Ball was held at The Battersea Arts Centre and featured two bands, Sticky Wicket and 9.20 Deluxe.

It was a very dressy affair, with everyone entering into the theme of a night at the famous old ballroom in Harlem. Posh frocks and zoot suits were in evidence, and it was sometimes hard to recognise your regular dance partners, so well had they scrubbed up for the evening.

The venue was a master stroke; a glorious art deco hall in South London. It is home to regular fairs in Art Deco, and was blessed with a good floor and a stage large enough to house both bands.


Registration is already open for next year's event, and you would be wise to sign up ... you can be sure of a great night out."

© February 2002 Andrew Winton, Tuxedo Junction.

The Savoy Ball 2019, Saturday 27th April, 2pm-2am, The Grand Hall Battersea Arts Centre LONDON SW11 5TN