The Savoy Ball, Saturday 27th April 2019 The Grand Hall Battersea Arts Centre LONDON SW11 5TN

The Savoy Ball - FAQ

So what is The Savoy Ball all about? Here are the questions most often asked - and the answers!

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    FAQ - The Matinee

  • Where is the best sound in the venue?

    The architects have done wonders with the sound in what used to be a difficult space before the Grand Hall rebuild. The new ceiling incorporates acoustic baffles and these will be adjusted appropriately. The concert will be acoustic (ie not amplified) for the proper big band sound and we've checked all the areas for sound quality. If we were being REALLY picky we'd suggest the Balcony and Galleries for the best possible sound but the difference is really very marginal and the sound will be good throughout.

  • Where is the best view of the stage?

    The Cabaret tables at the front, the Balcony and the Galleries provide the best views and are priced accordingly, but the stage is being built specifically for the event and everyone will be able to see the band.

  • Will I be able to dance?

    Yes, but not in front of the stage. We are providing plenty of space for those who want to swing out at the back of the hall under the Balcony and on both sides under the new Galleries.

  • Is the venue accessible?

    Yes - the venue is accessed via a wide ramp and there is a lift (by request) to and from the Balcony.

    On the seating plan for the matinee you will see some Stalls seats specifically marked as accessible but the Cabaret tables are easily accessible too.

    Please note that the concert is acoustic (not amplified) so we are unable to provide hearing loops.

  • FAQ - The Ball/Lates

  • Do I need to be able to swing dance?

    No, you don't need any dance experience at all - The Savoy Ball is for everyone!

    First and foremost it's a big party, with everyone dressed to impress, with the very best live music, in a fantastic setting.

    If you would like to learn a few dance steps before the event (it's great fun!), we recommend these classes/listings sites :-

    If you can/do dance already, all styles of swing/jive/Lindy hop/blues/balboa etc are welcome!

  • Can I sit down and watch?

    Yes! There are reserved seats on the Balcony and Galleries overlooking the dance floor - providing both a base for the evening and an excellent viewing position, with the best acoustics to boot, being away from the hubbub of the dance floor.

    But hurry, these tickets sell first and fast.

    NB there are no reserved seats on the ground floor, although there will be small tables and limited unreserved seats for general use around the sides of the hall.

  • Is there room to dance?

    Yes! The Grand Hall is huge, will a lovely dance floor. There will be no big tables on the floor this year as we have the new Galleries and re-opened Balcony for reserved seating.

The Savoy Ball, Saturday 27th April 2019 The Grand Hall Battersea Arts Centre LONDON SW11 5TN